About Vincent Sünderhauf

As the founder and managing director of seosupport GmbH, Vincent Sünderhauf is known throughout Europe as an expert for online marketing, e-commerce, online reputation management and digital branding. He shares his experience regularly by presenting to organizations, businesses and educational institutions.

After founding seosupport in 2006, Vincent enjoyed many years of successful entrepreneurship with other start-ups (such as the employer branding agency CatchMeIfYouCan, among others) and more than 21 startup investments. He supports with both venture capital and consulting.

In 2021, he was accepted as a member of the renowned Forbes Business Council.

A German native speaker, he also speaks fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese.


Vincent Sünderhauf is an author of several publications. His first book, Smart David vs. Digital Goliath, published with a large circulation by the renowned Redline publishing house, became a huge success in 2020.

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